The Importance of PMP Exam Preparation Before Taking This Rigorous Test

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute is recognized for boosting a job candidate’s chances of being hired for higher-paying positions. One of the requirements for this certification, along with relevant work experience and a certain level of education, is to pass a rigorous exam. PMP Exam Preparation is important for making sure an individual passes the test the first time.

About the PMP Exam

The exam consists of 200 questions, all multiple choice. Study materials are available from the institute, and a formal study course can be completed as well. No matter how much work experience a person has in the field, exam preparation is crucial. That includes spending time completing sample questions. There is no other way to know what the test is designed to discover about the person’s knowledge and expertise.

Real-World Comparisons

Although this may seem contradictory, the requirement is similar to the way studying to pass exams for board certification in healthcare occupations is essential. Even when someone has been working in the field for several years, the person is more likely to fail the test if he or she does not prepare sufficiently. Another analogy would be the combination of the written and hands-on driving tests to acquire a license. A person may be very skilled at driving without actually understanding the rules of the road.

Effective Strategies for Exam Preparation

What is an effective strategy for preparing for the project management certification exam? Using several steps helps an individual learn the relevant materials and be able to remember them. Practicing answering questions until there is no doubt about the right answers eases the nervousness and anxiety that can disrupt performance during the exam.

Enrolling in a study course and actually completing it as scheduled helps a great deal. Joining a study group is another advantageous strategy. These methods essentially force people to study on a regular schedule. Networking with other group members provides additional motivation. In a group, men and women can discuss scenario questions that make up the bulk of the exam and also tend to be the most difficult.

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