For a beautifully spent vacation

Meet the holiday you can spend lying or active way. Two in one offers Mácha lake and its surroundings. When the weather permits, cool off in a clean water surface and build a castle in the sand. On the old Splavy, near to our accommodation, there is also a water park. If the steps on the thermometer do not reach tropical heights, take a sightseeing tour in the vicinity. Do you like picking mushrooms? In the vicinity of our accommodation is a downright mushroom paradise.
Summer with a range of water activities
There are many possibilities for entertainment in Máchova Lake. Try water fun in the tropical amusement park with a range of rubber attractions. You can also have fun on the Tobogans. There's a regular steamer here, so be sure to buy a ticket and explore the area. For privacy, rent a boat or pedal boat.