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Modern factories, warehouses, and processing facilities are incredibly large, which poses a lot of unique challenges. Not the smallest of these challenges is how to efficiently move component parts or finished products throughout such a large space. Metal rollers may be the solution that industrial property owners are looking for, so read on to find out more about them.

Types of Rollers

There are actually several different basic categories of metal rollers. One of the most common of them is known as the load-bearing roller thanks to its ability to support and move heavy objects. A second type is the return roller, used to convey lighter materials.

Other types of metal rollers include high-speed rollers, grooved rollers, and gravity rollers. Gravity rollers are typically the most cost-efficient type of metal rollers, especially since they can typically fit just about any conveyor so it’s often possible to install new gravity rollers in an existing system. Ultimately, choosing the right roller is largely a matter of being able to balance cost-efficiency and performance.

Applications and Industries Served

Metal rollers can be found in the majority of factories, warehouses, and processing plants throughout the country. Car manufacturers often use them to transport component parts, while food processors often use them to move their products throughout the facility as they undergo various treatments. Shipping centers also use metal rollers to facilitate the sorting of packages, as do warehouses.

Benefits of Metal Rollers

Not all conveyor rollers are made out of metal but this material remains the most popular for most industrial uses with good reason. Plastic or PVC rollers tend to be less durable and more difficult to clean, which can be seriously problematic for food processing industries. Metal rollers are very durable, hygienic, and versatile enough that factory owners can find rollers to fit just about any conveyor system.

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Not sure what kind of metal roller will be the best fit for a particular industrial application? The best thing to do is to speak with a professional who can offer more in-depth information and advice. Those interested can checkout this link to learn more about options and get in contact with a sales representative today.

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