3 Differences Between Truck and Passenger Car Accidents

All auto accidents are nightmarish to deal with, but they’re not all the same. For instance, truck accidents differ from other collisions in a variety of ways. According to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), trucking accidents cause hundreds of thousands of property damage and personal injury claims per year. Despite the fact that large vehicles are only responsible for a small percentage of accidents, the damage caused during these events is substantial. Here, potential clients will learn some of the differences between passenger and commercial vehicle accidents.

Different Causes

Trucking accidents are difficult to settle simply because so many factors are in play. Where passenger vehicle collisions are often attributed to human error, trucking accidents sometimes lead to corporate liability. For instance, shoddy equipment, poor maintenance, and other negligent behaviors on the part of the driver or the company may lead to accidents and lawsuits.

Accident Injuries

As mentioned before, commercial vehicle accidents are usually more severe than other crashes. A fully-loaded truck may weigh more than 40 tons, where the average car weighs about a ton and a half. With such a significant weight difference, it doesn’t take much figuring to predict the result of a collision between a car and a commercial vehicle. In fact, the severity of these injuries is one of the main reasons trucking companies must carry a high level of liability coverage.

Special Licensing

Federal and state regulations cover commercial vehicles, and drivers must undergo specialized training and education. A driver’s training will teach them the rules and protocols to follow for every load, and their licenses reflect the training they’ve received. If an accident happens and the driver doesn’t have the right qualifications, the company may be held responsible for negligent hiring and training.

Consult an Attorney

Having an injury lawyer is important no matter the nature of the accident, but their skills are crucial in Truck accident cases. An attorney will have the experience and resources needed to investigate the incident and build a case for maximum compensation. Visit the website for more details on the firm’s practice areas or call today to request a consultation.

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