Bulletin board

Bulletin board The sinners are listed on the bulletin board. The teacher has a strong weapon against us, and that's a school board. We are quick to find out how to fix mistakes and be taken from our class board. Soon there will be parental appointments, and mom really doesn't have to know everything. Bulletin […]

For a beautifully spent vacation

Meet the holiday you can spend lying or active way. Two in one offers Mácha lake and its surroundings. When the weather permits, cool off in a clean water surface and build a castle in the sand. On the old Splavy, near to our accommodation, there is also a water park. If the steps on […]

Enjoy the days off!

Let's have something that's never time. At least a relaxing weekend. Did you miss the most beautiful summer weather for a wonderful holiday? Don't you have the time or the mood to get away in this autumn and the dark season? Would you need to recharge your sunshine? We have a solution for you, choose […]

Metal Racks

By buying metal shelves you buy into your office an invaluable helper. Metal racks that give you quick access to all the information it needs to hand. They will really take a lot of information and become a great helper to streamline your work. In addition, thanks to the simple design may not have to […]

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets belong to the necessary equipment kitchen and apartment. As we use them daily, it is necessary to choose quality products, from good and durable materials, and in a practical design that fits our apartment. We have kitchen cabinets with plenty of storage space and handy lockers, drawers and shelves. We have a selection […]

SEO Analysis

The path to a quality and successful site leads through SEO optimization. The best way to entate us, we are experts in SEO. We have many years of experience and practice. You can rely on our professional solutions to optimize the web for the leading search engines in the Czech Republic, namely Seznam.cz and Google.cz. […]


Bohuslav was an elderly gentleman in retirement age, who lived in a village relatively far from the village. He lived alone because he was a widower, and the only thing that really entertained him was carving. The granddaughters told him about the possibilities of the Internet business and the fact that people might be interested […]

We will advise you on the more complex problems

Are you currently in the reconstruction of your grandmother's house and do not know what to do with roof windows? Are you looking for blinds or blackout shutters into your windows on the ground? Are you thinking about trying awning, but somehow you're not sure, because you don't have real experience with it? Contact us […]

Modern design of Painted doors

Our company Luceo Ltd. has been focusing on the field of its business in the long term, i.e. the furniture semi-finished products. Whether it's kitchen or cabinet lighting, we always put the customer and service on the front. See for yourself and order for example immediately. We're here for you. Our online shop, which has […]

Founding Ltd.

Only be made with a capital that is 200 000 CZK. This sum is made up to the bank and after the registration of the company in the commercial register, these funds can be released and used on the company's operation. Each company must have its registered office. This is stipulated by law. After the […]